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Mediation - Get to what's best... together!

Mediation is an approach that allows you — as parents — to decide together what is right for your children and for yourself. Mediation requires negotiation, but the negotiation is not done through individual, client-advocating lawyers. Instead, it is done by the parents with a third-party neutral guiding the parents through the process of resolving the myriad of issues of divorce

As a parent, you alone make decisions that affect yourselves and your children; and as a neutral mediator, we can collaboratively help you take your journey to divorce resolution. Instead of being part of a process by which we all strategize to win, mediation is a process that has both parents sitting on the same side of the table figuring out what is best for your children and your family. Because this is a facilitated process, the facilitator makes no decisions about how the issues of divorce will be resolved. Only you can make these decisions. We are simply there to navigate a family-based road to divorce resolution without the involvement of lawyers and judges.

Imagine sitting together with a neutral mediator and — over time — resolving issues of divorce. Imagine that you continue to act as stable, dependable, responsible parents to your children and decide together for them what is right rather than having lawyers or judges do the job for you. Imagine how resolving the divorce yourselves with the help of a mediator bears on the future of your family and the future of your children. Imagine that rather than being subjected to an order of a court or a negotiated settlement with which you are unhappy, you are the creator of the solutions to your divorce — and you truly own the resolution.

This is what mediation can give you that litigation cannot.

If you need help or have any questions regarding mediation, I would be happy to assist. You can reach me at marlene@marlenekatz.ca or 647-262-4557.

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